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All of my long-form thoughts on programming, leadership, product development, and more, collected in chronological order.

Some useful Bash Scripts

A curated list of bash scripts to automate a few stuff to make my life (or could yours) easy.

Debugging overloaded Redis servers

Redis is in-memory data store used by millions of developers as a cache, vector database, document database, streaming engine, and message broker.

A few thoughts on working with React

I have been working with React since 2019, here is a few things that observed while working, mentoring and doing a lot of React code reviews.

Composing Children to Eliminate Props Drilling in React

React has powerful composition model, allows to reuse code between components. Composition give you all the flexibility you need to customize a component’s look and behavior in an explicit and safe way. It can also help to eliminate props drilling.

Principles of Engineering Management

Engineering Management role is created by engineers for engineers' need in software technology companies. In this article we will go step by step to explore what this role means, and how to be a good engineering manager by leading by example, hiring, managing and growing exceptional talents, and how to let the team shine in their professional growth.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is based on the idea that each person's genome is unique, and that this uniqueness can be used to predict how they will respond to different treatments.

Breakdown of Scheduling in Erlang

Erlang as a real-time platform for multitasking uses Preemptive Scheduling. The responsibility of an Erlang scheduler is selecting a process and executing based on priority, time slice or reduction bases. Erlang processes are scheduled on a reduction count basis. One reduction is roughly equivalent to a function call.

Questions for myself

A curated list of questions I made for myself. I’m a software whiz who loves all things tech!

Slugify a String in Elixir

A slug, in the context of web development and content management systems, is a URL-friendly version of a string that typically represents the title or name of a resource, such as a webpage, article, or blog post.

Engineering at Labs: Part 2

Generally, we use agile programming methodologies. We break up our work into different milestones, which get translated to sprints

Engineering at Labs: Part 1

We can start with our tools. We generally use Elixir and React for our web applications, together with Redux and a few libraries we have built like Syncr.

Some things I believe

As human beings it is our right (maybe our moral duty) to reshape the universe to our preferences