I’m Mudassar. I’m a Software Developer with expertise in building robust backend and scalable systems.

I have 5+ years of experience strategizing, architecting and building innovative digital solutions. Currently, I’m working at CERP Labs as a software engineering manager, helping team with engineering multiple projects in Edtech, Agtech, Healthcare and Data Visualization space.

Technical Expertise


I started my career in 2018 by programming in C#, .NET Core. Then learnt JavaScript, Typescript (including ReactJS, NextJS) and became proficient in them. Later on, as career requirement, I dived into the world of functional programming and started working with Elixir. Past 4 years, I have arhictected, built dozens of software products with JavaScript, Typescript, and Elixir with online, real-time and off-line experiences. I have also worked with other languages like Python, Elm and NodeJS. Nevertheless, I strongly believe in choosing the right tool for the right job.

I’m also exploring Rust, Data Analysis and Data Visualization with Python, and AI & Machine Learning.

Data System

I’ve worked on some databases: Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, and Redis. I have good experience in designing object-oriented relational schema for products. I have deployed and scaled with in-memory DB. Schema design, query execution plan analysis, optimizing queries, partitioning and scaling are some of the things I have done in PostgreSQL. I have also built custom queue mechanism on both frontend and backend along with exploring and utilizing RabbitMQ for asynchronous processing.


I have a good experience in architecting, developing, deploying and scaling robust backend infrastructures. I am aware of most of the GCP services and for many years I have architected solutions using the same. Recently I have also worked with Azure Cloud and AWS to architect solutions.

I use some kinds of stuff that aren’t completely terrible

Infra and Hosting

Primarily I have used GCP, AWS, and Azure in my day job(well, in that order). I use Heroku and Netlify to spin up servers for my personal projects.

Version Control

Since I started working on software from 2016, fortunately, I did not struggle with version control systems as my senior devs did. I started using git right away. I host all my public and private projects on Github.


Linux in servers and for development.


My current areas of interest are AI, distributed real-time systems, infrastructure, open-source and (some) frontier tech.

If you’re curious more about myself, here’s some things I belive.