Some things I believe

As human beings it is our right (maybe our moral duty) to reshape the universe to our preferences

  • Technology, which is really knowledge, enable this
  • You should probably work on raising the ceiling, not the floor

Enthusiasm matters!

  • It's much easier to work on things that are exciting to you
  • It might be easier to do big things than small things for this reason
  • Energy is a necessary input for progress

It's important to do things fast

  • You learn more per unit time because you make contact with reality more frequently
  • Going fast makes you focus on what's important; there's no time for bullshit
  • "Slow is fake"
  • A week is 2% of the year
  • Time is the denominator

Manage processes instead of people

  • Freedom with accountability and responsibility
  • Saves time to focus on something else
  • A better way to build knowledge base

Smaller teams are better

  • Faster decisions, fewer meetings, more fun
  • No need to chop up work for political reasons
  • No room for mediocre people (can pay more, too!)
  • Many tech companies are overstaffed

Where do you get your dopamine?

  • The answer is predictive of your behavior
  • Better to get your dopamine from improving your ideas than from having them validated
  • It's ok to get yours from "making things happen"

You can do more than you think

  • We are tied down by invisible orthodoxy
  • The laws of physics are the only limit

Character and actions play important role!

  • Determinants of your fate
  • Impact the way you live your life

Most of the thoughts aforementioned, are from Nat Friedman however I feel the same way, believe in them and practice everyday.